Do you feel badly and you are looking for a trusted orientation about what’s happening to you?

Somebody around you looks or feels ill and you don’t know what to do?

You will be able to find in My Symptom Guide (MSG) all the answers you need.

MSG is an e-health program that guides you from the symptoms to the most probable diseases that the user can suffer.

MSG is, probably, the most powerful guiding medical support tool that you can find.

Do you imagine all the knowledge of thousands of medical books, clinical cases and specialists in a click?

That’s My Symptom Guide.

My Symptom Guide (MSG) is a product of Medical Xpert Systems SA, a company headquartered in the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland), dedicated to design and manufacturing software oriented to improve the health.

MSG uses “Cloud” Technology accessible from anywhere in the world, with any computer connected to the Internet, including versions for mobile devices, Android, and iOS.

MSG is extremely easy to use and is very intuitive.


More than 25 years of research, acquisition of results and consultation with most prestigious medical publications.

Patented algorithms that allow a very quick search for different diseases based on the introduced symptomatology.

Validated in large hospitals in Switzerland, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Spain

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