Medical Xpert Systems SA is a Swiss company dedicated to the development, production, sales, service and maintenance of medical taking decision process software tools for professional use. The company is located in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, but offers its products globally.

Mission :

The mission of Medical Xpert Systems is to improve health worldwide through the design and development of software applications for the general public and for medical professionals. These applications will allow professionals to accurately accelerate the taking decision process in a cost efficient manner and to help the people by guiding them to the best medical care.

Vision :

Medical Xpert Systems vision is to become the world leader in Research and Development of support tools for medical aid in the taking decision process. This will be measured by being the first choice solution for our customers and the best-valued company in the market segment.

In order to realize the vision, the company is:

Technologically Advanced: Using the latest tools available and having developments validated by prestigious institutions.

Innovative: differentiate through superior value proposition.

Effective: Solving the needs and expectations of customers, partners, shareholders and society at large.

Quality-driven: Following the recommendations of the ISO 9001 and the European Excellence Model EFQM, to produce products and services of the highest quality.

Profitable: Financially sustainable

Social Commitmented: Welcoming all social initiatives of the company and its employees through a real commitment to people’s needs worldwide.

Company history

Dr. Simon Lopez, MD, was practicing in a medical laboratory back in 1986 when he noticed that some rare diseases were missed at the hospital emergency room depending on which medical doctor was on duty. It was the trigger to start developing artificial intelligence tools to support doctors in their differential analysis process.
Dr. Simon Lopez developed several software versions and published results. The 2008 version was a major technological innovation as it incorporated for the first time an option to obtain reports on multiple diseases occurring at the same time. This was a breakthrough feature as a disease may often cohabit with a chronic or acute disease considering that the world population is rapidly aging.
In order to accelerate the distribution of the product and to make it available to a broader public, Dr. Simon Lopez has decided to create the company Medical Xpert Systems S.A. in February 2015, together with a team of business professionals.
The team will start to commercialize its products to help medical differential analysis during the second quarter of 2015.