Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
  • Judge program performance
  • Analyze the issues that can be improved
  • Recommend key symptoms and test with high predictive value in diseases (multivariate analysis, factor analysis).
KOL composed by
  • Professor Samuel Machin, MD, former President of the British Society of Hematology, Chairman ICSH, Medical Director of Laboratory at University College London, UK
  • Professor Francis Lacombe, Director of Hematology at CHU Bordeaux, France
  • Professor Gina Zini, Sacro Coure Hospital-Policlinico Gemelli, Rome, Italy
  • George S. Paterakis, MD, PhD, Head of Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Gennimatas G. Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • Joan Luis Vives-Corrons, Head of Department of Rare Anemias at Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
Advisory Board (AB)

Annual meetings with world experts to deal about issues concerning to the organization for long-term improvements, for example, new technologies, new tools, …

Scientific Committee (SC): internal team that meets weekly
  • Analyse software operation
  • Discuss issues of improvement
  • Address any deficiency detected physician type (1 error should not be repeated)
  • Improve the usability of the program, user training, and documentation.
  • Design evaluation protocols.
  • Make cooperative studies
  • Scientific marketing
  • Ask the “reimbourcement” of the software
  • Recommends symptoms and test highly predictive